You know all the stats about what ageing and a sedentary lifestyle do to your body. Youʼre bombarded with advice on being more active and having a healthier lifestyle. Is the advice generic and are the programmes geared to you and your individual functionality and are they Fun?

Let my pupils tell you a little about what they get from my Sustainability coaching;

Pairs Coaching

When Vaughan suggested pairs training after working on stroke technique one-to-one for years, I was really quite surprised. It has, however, worked out amazingly well – I think we both get a lot out of the sessions, we get regular playing time and it’s a lot of fun. Thanks Vaughan for putting us together. Josie

I thoroughly enjoy pairs training with Josie and have gained more from it that I ever imagined. Vaughan covers so much in the lesson, allowing us to continually develop the basics such as stroke technique, footwork and positioning, whilst also advancing our strategic and tactical gameplay. Josie and I learn from each other as well as from Vaughan, and the lesson is always a great tonic too! Lots of fun, and great results on the court!

I think we have both regained a confidence and a love for tennis through Vaughan’s enthusiasm, humour and approach to harnessing natural body movements which create sound playing strokes – and completely subscribe to his rationale for avoiding muscle and joint strain. We have had both pairs and group coaching with Vaughan – always a hoot and always constructive. We are both loving our tennis sessions, happy to see improvements and feeling generally so much fitter.

John and Jackie. Consultant in Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology .KCL Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Individual coaching


Having had years of different coaches and techniques I wasn’t sure I needed yet another approach. But Vaughan’s Functional Tennis Training, focusing on natural body movements and alignment, changed my mind when it “served up” a whole new dimension in terms of power and accuracy. Two years ago I couldn’t consistently get a forehand in, now I’m working on backhand slice drives and challenging others with my serve. The best part is I’ve managed to keep injury free too – thanks Vaughan.”

Josephine. Improver/intermediate

I’ve been having lessons with Vaughan for the last two years but it is only more recently that I have really understood his functional approach. I’ve also started working with a functional therapist, recommended by Vaughan, to deal with the chronic movement restrictions and stiffness in my joints and muscles. Vaughan’s functional expertise and his contacts have helped in every area of my life, especially my tennis.”

Charlotte. Functional improver

I just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say thank you for all the referrals you have sent my way. It’s been great working with all your tennis players and hopefully, I’ve managed to help to keep them playing. They all sing your praises by the way and appreciate your unique but highly effective functional coaching.

Kindest regards


Barry Harpur
Principal Osteopath
Graston Technique Specialist
Active Release Technique Provider
Fellow of Applied Functional Science PH: 01483 504314
I have been a regular pupil of Vaughan’s Fun…ctional sessions for the past 2 years. As I trudge wearily towards the tennis courts every Friday, I look forward to Vaughan’s gentle functional stretching and strengthening exercises, confident that my muscles will be coaxed out of their torpor. 

His coaching skills have dramatically improved my serving as I now place my serves over the net and into the service box with monotonous regularity mostly with the ball spinning away from my opponent, who forlornly waves his racquet in the air as if hailing a taxi in the rain.

Forehand, backhand, volleys, and lobs have all been taken to a higher level, as Vaughan’s diagnostic analysis and functional training weaves its magic, and his witty, light-hearted delivery ensures fun-packed enjoyable sessions.”

Gavin Usher.   All-round sports person


“I played county tennis and netball as a junior. Marriage and a few children kept me away from tennis till last year, although I did have time for netball.

Vaughan’s fun…ctional tennis training reignited my interest in tennis and, with some additional individual lessons, I have reached a whole new level of understanding and performance and have fallen in love with the game all over again!”

Debbie Reynolds. Competitive returner


“Iʼve been enjoying Vaughanʼs Tennis Sustainability & Functional Tennis Training sesions for about 9 months now. Itʼs a refreshing approach to keeping active and improving your game that focuses on exercises and drills that compliment tennis-related motion, movement and flexibility (that everyday life rarely provides). Crucially Iʼve noticed an improvement not only in my general wellbeing but in my technique too.
Vaughan keeps things light-hearted and takes the time to give us all individual coaching pointers without disrupting the flow of the sessions. This is not an exercise class loosely based around tennis – itʼs competitively priced tennis coaching that gets your heart pumping and your joints looser. The sessions have got me back into tennis and kept me there! Thanks Vaughan!”

Richard Coleman. Tennis returner


I have been a frequent sub in a regular more experienced ladies four at the RAC club and have never been on the winning side, until yesterday! I am thrilled with the progress I have made since starting Sustainability coaching with Vaughan as my level and confidence increase weekly. My bad back which frequently stopped me playing, no longer does. Try Sustainability coaching for yourself, I havenʼt looked back, Iʼm sure you wonʼt.

Margaret Aldridge. In her middle years

Stop press; Update from Margaret Nov 17.

“I have had the best summer of tennis ever, thanks to my coaching with Vaughan up to April this year.  This Autumn I have had his doubles pairs coaching and more individual Lessons.
My game continues to reach new heights and last week I experienced something magical playing doubles. I lobbed an opposing net player and then played a deliberate drop shot into the space she had left for a winner. I was dictating play not merely surviving! This is what I have always wanted from my Tennis!


“Since getting tennis elbow in the last year, the idea of Sustainability coaching appealed to me as it has improved my game without beating the body up. Vaughan is excellent at showing the best ways to achieve this.

David Sansom. Likes to hit the ball hard


My forehand and serve needed attention after some time out from tennis. Vaughan has a holistic approach working on whole body movement, footwork and all the elements of shot making which he delivers with patience and a little humour.

Helen Naylor. Returner


The way you repeat the techniques and correct mistakes has helped me learn the basics and begin to enjoy playing. I have had coaching before and I think the difference is you really care about our improvement and you just know your subject in depth and we are lucky to learn from you!

Gulcin White. Improver


After 3 years out I wanted to get back. My serve has always been poor, made worse by a left shoulder problem. I have had a few lessons with Vaughan and already I can see a significant improvement and no shoulder pain. Thanks to Vaughan I can now see what I am trying to achieve and the technique is clearly kinder on my body.”

Mike Starkey. Returner


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the lessons I have been having with Vaughan since last year and feel I have really improved a lot thanks to Vaughanʼs patience and coaching style which suits my needs perfectly. He has a fantastic sense of humour and delivers his coaching in a very practical way which doesn’t overload me, getting across clearly what we are doing.

Charlotte Robertson. Improver


Vaughan’s approach is a holistic, helping me to understand more about how my body works and how to reduce the risk of injury while playing. (I still suffer from an old ankle injury from tennis) .This is all done with a very dry sense of humour which makes the lessons very enjoyable ! I look forward to Mondays .

Sarah Brockes. Improver