Coaching cannot be a one size fits all methodology, as we are all truly individual in mind, body, and spirit, the coach as well as the player/s. This is not a new age mantra, it is self-evident, as is the fact that we all lose varying amounts of each of the above, as we age.

Tennis Sustainability is primarily about working to improve and sustain your movement and ball striking but is likely to impact other areas of your life positively and in measurable ways. See what Richard says about how Tennis Sustainability’s Functional tennis training helped him.

Tennis Sustainability is based on my almost 25 years coaching experience, the last 7 at LTA Level 4 Senior Club Coach, combined with a 6 year (continuing) study of Applied Functional Science ( CAFS 2013, 3D Maps 2017) with the Gray Institute in Michigan, USA.

Tennis Sustainability applies the principles, strategies, and techniques of Applied Functional Science to create a learning environment, in which tennis movement and ball striking skills, are based on an understanding of these principles that ensures my players are able to fully develop their potential in a safe and sustainable way.

I completed my 3D MAPS course with the Gray Institute in December 2017 and can now add this Analysis and Performance System to my coaching

3D Maps; Three dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System

3D Maps allows me to assess your movement capability, both mobility, and stability, in both directions of all three planes of motion. These aren’t measurements against some arbitrary┬ástandard, they are a record of your range of motion at the start of a process of sustainable improvements you can make in your game. The analysis enables me to address your performance areas like skill acquisition, movement patterns, and pain signals, in ways that will benefit you.

It is an integral part of my sustainability coaching that will enable you to play the best tennis you can and dramatically reduce the risk of the types of acute or chronic injury that keeps a lot of recreational tennis players off the court for long periods of time. Injuries like tennis elbow, tennis leg, rotator cuff and a variety of other impingements are mostly not normal, not necessarily the result of aging, not inevitable and more likely to be avoidable with tennis sustainability coaching with me.

This is for you whether you are a regular player, either lifelong or recent restarter, or a new player wanting to get off on the right foot (pun intended)

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