These lessons are intended for players looking for permanent and sustainable changes to the way they move and strike the ball that will enable them to reach new performance highs with a greatly reduced risk of acute injury or chronic conditions developing. Individual testimonials – see what Margaret and Dave say.

Pairs Coaching Testimonials

When Vaughan suggested pairs training after working on stroke technique one-to-one for years, I was really quite surprised. It has, however, worked out amazingly well – I think we both get a lot out of the sessions, we get regular playing time and it’s a lot of fun. Thanks Vaughan for putting us together. Josie

I thoroughly enjoy pairs training with Josie and have gained more from it that I ever imagined. Vaughan covers so much in the lesson, allowing us to continually develop the basics such as stroke technique, footwork and positioning, whilst also advancing our strategic and tactical gameplay. Josie and I learn from each other as well as from Vaughan, and the lesson is always a great tonic too! Lots of fun, and great results on the court

Debbie and Josie

I think we have both regained a confidence and a love for tennis through Vaughan’s enthusiasm, humour and approach to harnessing natural body movements which create sound playing strokes – and completely subscribe to his rationale for avoiding muscle and joint strain. We have had both pairs and group coaching with Vaughan – always a hoot and always constructive. We are both loving our tennis sessions, happy to see improvements and feeling generally so much fitter.

John and Jackie. Consultant in Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology .KCL Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

  1. Free half hour assessment lesson. No further commitment.
  2. Assessment of your needs and your tennis goals. Agreeing a plan for content, duration and cost for specific goals.

Devising and executing program including practice sessions and home rehab/ training sessions, where necessary and with remote trainer if required.

Lessons can be at any of the venues mentioned above or at one of your choosing.