It’s not Cardio or an exercise class with a racket in your hand it’s a tennis coaching and conditioning class that works on your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular capacity using routines that get you to move in the ways you need to when you play tennis.

It’s a given that, as recreational players, our bodies are not in the same peak condition as those of young professional athletes. This can be true at any age, but we are more sedentary than previous generations, which adds to the effect of ageing.

I am stating the obvious to make an important point; learning a new skill and/or improving performance will be more difficult if you or your coach ignore the condition of your body.

Recreational players are by definition playing a sport for fun, The question you need to ask yourself is what do I need to do to get that greater sense of fun that comes from achieving a higher standard of play and/or competitive success, with a reduced risk of injury.

Functional Tennis Training helps you achieve your tennis goals by addressing your conditioning needs in short functional routines, in the warm-up, at the start of each class. These short routines based on applied functional science and it’s 3DMAPS system progressively build the physical range of motion you need for the rest of each session.

After the Functional warm-up, the sessions will cover the movement patterns and ball striking drills,(rolling content) that give you time to prepare, execute and recover as you would in a game. I will help you develop your skills, or learn new skills and tactics by giving you the time to practice them repeatedly in the classes…it’s the way we learn motor skills, repetition ( neurobiologists call it proprioception)

It’s capacity and performance building in a progressive and sustainable way with a reduced risk of injury and a heightened sense of achievement  – see Testimonials.