Vaughan Ebrahim
LTA accredited Level 4, Senior Club Coach. 2010
Certificate in Applied Functional Science 2013. 3DMaps.Movement Analysis and Performance System 2017.

I am a mid to senior years player, playing Tennis for over 30 years at club team level. I play Golf occasionally and used to play Football and Cricket when a little younger. I qualified as a cricket and tennis coach in the early 90s, after some time in trading international markets, which coincided with my children’s growing interest in sport.

They found other interests but I continued my involvement in tennis mostly on the development side, coaching and encouraging people to play and developing programmes at various venues in Sussex.

My interest in the more technical side of coaching developed through my own rehab, initially with a GIFT Fellow, and subsequently in continuing study with the Gray Institute for Applied Functional Science.

Applied functional Science at the Gray Institute is the study of human movement that has at its core the desire to understand how your body is designed to work (biomechanical function) to accomplish purposeful human activity in function, (in this case tennis).

It is a 40-year study by Dr. Gary Gray, Dr. David Tiberio and a number of other eminent specialists to inform and educate those involved in coaching human movement enabling them to take their understanding beyond structural anatomy and into function.

It’s critical that your coach understands where you are functionally before looking to create, restore or develop movement patterns and motor skills for you in your sport (and Life) that are authentic and sustainable.

Tennis Sustainability coaching works with you as an Individual and looks to find authentic ways for you to achieve your tennis goals.

To encourage you to experience an efficient more sustainable way of playing “The game for life” I am offering a free half-hour assessment, subject to agreement on when and where, and invite you to read the testimonials some of my clients have written.