A Christmas Gift: Play Better for Longer

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea for someone you love who plays tennis or possibly you play tennis and want someone who loves you, to give you the Christmas present you want?

It exists now for those lucky enough to be at Ashtead Squash and Tennis Club. It’s open to non-members of all standards. Ask your club why it’s not a part of their program if you live in Surrey.

Functional Tennis Training is part of Tennissustainability‘s  method to coach a difficult and demanding sport the emphasis is as its strapline confirms “Play Better for Longer

You might be wondering what Functional Tennis Training is and how it might differ from other training methods particularly the one the LTA promotes Cardio Tennis. In my experience, most participants lose interest and/or overstress muscles and joints long before any sustainable cardio benefits are realised.

The word Function has two meanings in Functional Tennis Training; it refers to your biomechanical function and the function (purpose) you wish to do. Another way to understand it is, are you (Biomechanically) Fit for the Purpose, (Tennis)?

Would you train to swim Faster for Longer by standing upright in the water doing simulated breaststrokes with your arms out of the water? 
Why would you lay on your back doing crunches to strengthen your core for a sport played in upright positions?
Is static stretching the right exercise before dynamic activity?
Does your training regime include all three elements of Fitness?
These and other questions should be asked by the fitness industry, of itself mostly, and by you of your training regime.

Doctor Gary Gray, the founding father of Applied Functional Science says” If your training program doesn’t look like golf or smell like golf it probably won’t help your golf a lot. Substitute your sport for Golf (his passion) but ask yourself do you train at all,  and if you do, does your training reflect the demands of your sport on your body.

Do you expect to maintain your standard without any training and choose to rely instead on the popular myth “playing keeps me fit”?

You can Play Better for Longer, with Functional Tennis Training because it has as its cornerstone the individuals needs in getting fitter for their sport, rather than one-size fits all non-functional approach.
My 3DMAPS training helps me to address your functional fitness needs. It’s a three-dimensional movement analysis and performance system which together with 25 years coaching experience, informs everything I do on a tennis court.

Functional Tennis Training is training for tennis on a tennis court with rackets and balls. It’s not an exercise class with a racket in your hand.
It is a progressive and sustainable approach to developing the functional movement patterns and the stroke mechanics you need to play better for longer with a heightened sense of achievement, it’s the Fun in Functional.
Try Functional Tennis training 9.30 on Fridays at Ashtead Squash and Tennis Club if you are local.

Post-Christmas, when the Fitness industry goes into overdrive promising fitness and thinness, you or your loved one can use the voucher you have to start a real Fit for Purpose journey.

If being able to “Play better for Longer” is your goal, or learning to play, or learning the authentic biomechanics of a particular stroke, then tennis sustainability has the solution for you

See Functional Tennis Training and what my clients say testimonials

You can buy Christmas gift vouchers from me (email me for details) for blocks of 4 or 6 sessions for the Functional Tennis Training classes on Fridays and individual lessons at other times.

If you have interest at your club ( 4 to 6 players) in Surrey/Sussex (I live on the border) contact me.

Vaughan Ebrahim
LTA accredited Level 4, Senior Club Coach.
Gray Institute, CAFS 2013, 3DMAPS 2017